The quality of wine begins in the vineyard. The relationship between the winemaker and viticulturist is therefore of utmost importance. At Les Collines the hands-on care of our hard working vineyard team in the field and the expertise and experience of our viticulturists combine to produce the highest quality fruit, a goal that informs every decision we make in the vineyard and drives us to be in the forefront of viticulture practices and technology. We maintain individual communication with our partnered wineries to farm and tend to the vines on their respective rows in a way tailored to their specific needs and we provide invaluable up-to-date information to satisfy the most exacting winemakers.


Among our clients are:

Adamant Cellars

Amavi Cellars

Angel Vine

Basel Cellars

Bergevin Lane

Burnt Bridge Cellars

Cavu Cellars

Davenport Cellars

Descendant Cellars

Five Star Cellars

Garrison Creek Cellars

Gramercy Cellars

Holmes Harbor Cellars

Kerloo Cellars

King Estate Winery


Locati Cellars

Maison Bleue

Maryhill Winery

Pepper Bridge Winery

Trust Cellars

Seven Hills Winery

Sinclair Estate Vineyards

Sleight of Hand Cellars

Va Piano