In our ongoing commitment to sustainable farming practices, we are one of the industry leaders in low input farming with the goal of having a minimal impact on the environment while producing the highest quality fruit. To be a good steward of the land, winegrowers must be environmentally and socially responsible. Towards these ends, we have improved water conservation and forgone herbicide use, and we practice fair-wage compensation.  We are a LIVE certified sustainable and salmon safe vineyard, that utilizes integrated pest management, moisture monitors, cover crops and mycorrhiza applications to enhance microbial soil diversity. To bolster beneficials, we plant insectaries and promote native vegetation. The soil at Les Collines Vineyard consists of mostly Walla Walla Silt Loam, with some Athena Silt Loam resting on top of ancient gravel. Originating from deep windblown silt loess deposited by ancient glaciers, it is nutrient rich with excellent drainage, ideal properties for vineyard cultivation. Our gentle approach to farming makes us a friendly neighbor to the Riparian Area Restoration Project on our border.

 Brad Sorensen, Vineyard Manager

Our Mission

To be a responsible producer of premium wine grapes in the Walla Walla Valley.


Walla Walla Ava